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Top 5 best nicknames for NHL’s new Utah team

Top 5 best nicknames for NHL's new Utah team

The Smith Entertainment Group is asking fans to help them decide what to name the NHL’s newest franchise that will be playing in Salt Lake City. The Arizona Coyotes are no more, as the team’s assests – players, coaches and management – head north from the desert to Utah. However, SEG, which also owns the NBA’s Utah Jazz, will have to start anew with an original nickname for their squad. A survey with 20 names has been made available to fans, and it will stay up until May 22. Four names can be chosen, though only one vote is allowed per person. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COMWith that said, let’s take a look at the top five names on the survey that would be the coolest to see on their NHL jersey next season. The last team to enter the NHL was Seattle’s expansion team, and they decided to go with Kraken as their nickname. So why not take another mythical creature (or totally real creature depending on what you believe) and put it in the league?Yeti makes tons of sense for Utah, considering its icy conditions and various mountains perfect for skiing. Like the Kraken, SEG can have fun with the logo. If done correctly, it could be a menacing beast on the jerseys and some icy blue, white and gray color schemes come to mind as well. Lastly, doesn’t Utah Yeti flow off the tongue? This might be the best option for a variety of reasons. ARIZONA COYOTES FANS CHANT 3 WORDS TO EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS ABOUT THE TEAM’S MOVE TO SALT LAKE CITYUtah is known as the « Beehive State, » and it is not because they are the biggest honey producer in the country. Instead, it was chosen in 1848 because bees represent perseverance and industry. Considering it is going to take hard work to get this franchise contending out West, a name that is synonymous with work ethic could be a great meaning to rally around. Also, Hive does not just have to be about the team – the fans could also call themselves « The Hive. » The biggest question, though, is whether we want another black and yellow team in the NHL. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins already have those colors, and though the Vegas Golden Knights have some red, they’re mostly black and gold. Utah would have to get creative to make themselves standout and have the individuality they certainly wish to possess as the newest franchise. Swarm is another name that is on the list. Like Yeti, Utah is clearly leaning into being one of the best skiing destinations in the country. They also have Powder, Blizzard and Black Diamonds on the list. However, Utah Frost just has that bite fans would love, especially with the different promotions SEG could have at the Delta Center. Does « Frosty Fridays » with reduced-price beers sound good? The biggest hurdle here might be the logo, which would need some brainstorming to find just the right one. However, this could open the door for some cool color schemes for uniforms. It is too dull to make them the Utah Ice, or one of the other snow-based names. Frost does sound fun and even slightly mysterious, which is the true case with this team in its new venture. Staying away from the snow, Utah is also home to many deserts, which makes it home to some venomous reptiles. With no snake logo in the NHL, there may be nothing more original than calling the team the « Utah Venom, » which creates a world of possibilities for logo, colors, merchandise – the whole kit and caboodle. A fluorescent primary color is always fun to work with. Just ask the Dallas Stars with their blackout green and black uniforms. Could the Venom do something similar with an electric blue as the primary? Again, loads of options. If originality is what SEG and the fans want, look no further than Venom. Finally, Outlaws just seems to fit the bill here for what Utah embodies. Not only is it the « Wild Wild West, » but this is a group that’s on the move like cowboys looking to cement their name in the next town over. Though the players and coaches are all familiar with the rest of the NHL, they are the new kids in town, which outlaws always are when they enter an unfamiliar situation. With Salt Lake City being a new demographic of fans, being Outlaws could lead to some rowdy crowds and get quick engagement for being the new « villain » of the league. Just a thought. REST OF NAMES: MAMMOTH, FURY, SQUALL, MOUNTAINEERS, GLACIERS, CARIBOU, HC, CANYONS, BLAST, FREEZE Follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage on X, and subscribe to the Fox News Sports Huddle newsletter.

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